Working together towards a better society

We don’t need to tell you that Danone employees’ hearts are in the right place. Their passion for people and the planet goes beyond working hours, in the form of the Danone Social Fund.
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Financial or material support for your project

The Danone Social Fund is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Through this initiative, Danone aims to support its employees’ projects.

In this we make a distinction between:

  • Internal projects

    Are you a permanent employee based in Belgium? Has illness, an accident or a disability put you or your family in a difficult situation, or is a family member missing out on social opportunities due to financial constraints? If so, you can submit a project for financial or material support in total anonymity. You can submit internal projects throughout the year. We guarantee that your case will be treated confidentially.

    Here you can download the procedure for submission of internal projects.

  • External Projects

    These are social, societal, sustainable projects in Belgium in which Danone employees or their family members are actively involved. External projects in which you are not personally involved but which do appeal to you can also be considered. In that case we ask that you give a thorough explanation of what the support will be used for!

    A project may receive up to 4,000 euros worth of financial or material support, if you are actively involved, and up to 2,000 euros if you are not.   

    Does your project meet these criteria? Click here.

You help decide who we support

Will we soon be supporting your organisation, association or initiative with financial and/or material support? You can submit your external projects from 15 November to 6 December 2022.

All Danone employees can vote from 19 December 2022 to 5 January 2023 to decide which external project gets our support. These votes make up a 50% share of the result. The remaining 50% is determined by the votes of the board. The results will be announced in January 2023.